grasp the trends

China’s rapid development has attracted worldwide attention in recent years. Correctly understanding China’s achievements and its path toward greater development is thus crucial.  The most significant strategic choice the Chinese have made was to embrace economic globalization rather than detach themselves from it. In the late 1970s, when the new technological revolution and a new wave of economic globalization were unfolding with great momentum, Beijing grasped the trend and reversed the erroneous practices of the Cultural Revolution.

On the basis of the judgment that China’s development would depend on its place in an open world, Deng Xiaoping and other Chinese leaders decided to seize the historic opportunity and shift the focus of their work to economic development. Chinese people’s lives have a realistic value for life. Exactly how China grasped the trends so the artist might to.  The value theory and living status of Chinese differ to that of western. Why are most Chinese picking what others ignored? Why do we always follow others’ steps?  The Chinese conception about the value of lives, as well as their living status is very unique. The traditional “typical” Chinese people understand lives well. The rich live low-toned luxury lives, while ordinary people live contented and happy lives. There are a couple of manners to express “happiness” using Chinese characters.

Chinese people have a moderate living attitude, which benefits lives of biology such as human kind.The living manner that does not pursue extremes is more sustainable. The general trend of China’s development is certainly for the better, not the worse.

The world is progressing, the future is bright and no one can change this general trend of history. In a word, while the prospects are bright, the road has twists and turns.

stars, 500x155cm, oil on canvas, 2009



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grasp the trends

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