Feels like home

6th Bienalle of Thessaloniki 2017


All can make their way to our doorstep with lightning speed. Terror effect is not far from our homes.  Where is now a safe place in the world? Did you ever think that tomorrow you have to move from your homeland? A series of these colaz photographs reveals a ruined cityscape of Athens and Thessaloniki blended with Syrian abandoned capital. Are you ready to leave your home, culture, family, language and history? Where are you going to find a shelter? Safe shelter.

This series of photo collages by Dionisis Christofilogiannis presents the image of a dystopian world, of an unfamiliar reality. Characteristic sites of Athens (with the Parthenon, Mount Lycabettus and Omonoia Square dominating the scene) and Thessaloiki (with the city’s old promenade in the foreground) are combined with views from the desolate urban landscape of the now abandoned capital of Syria. These images capture and record our fragmented, irrational era, an era in which no one feels safe, as the state of fear is becoming entrenched and amplified by new, emerging forms of violence. We are all potential refugees, strangers in the midst of strangers, seeking a new home, a safe home.

Τα πάντα μπορούν να οδηγηθούν στην πόρτα μας με ταχύτητα αστραπής. Η επενέργεια της τρομοκρατίας δεν είναι μακριά από τα σπίτια μας. Πού είναι τώρα ένα ασφαλές μέρος στον κόσμο; Σκεφτήκαμε ποτέ ότι αύριο θα πρέπει να φύγουμε από την πατρίδα μας; Αυτή η σειρά των φωτογραφικών colaz αποκαλύπτει ένα ερειπωμένο τοπίο της Αθήνας και της Θεσσαλονίκης συνδυασμένο με το τοπίο της εγκαταλελειμμένης πια πρωτεύουσας της Συρίας. Είμαστε έτοιμοι να εγκαταλείψουμε το σπίτι σας, τον πολιτισμό, την οικογένεια, τη γλώσσα και την ιστορία μας; Πού θα πας να βρούμε ένα καταφύγιο; Ασφαλές καταφύγιο.


His artistic approach deals with a dialogue between different types of artistic elements. His works are dominated by the architectural element and geometrical forms where simplicity, purity and abstraction come together with beautification and lyricism. He comments on the contemporary social, economic and political disorder where the right to housing, a fundamental human right, is placed under constant questioning.


“Η ενότητα των φωτογραφικών κολάζ του Διονύση Χριστοφιλογιάννη, παρουσιάζει την εικόνα ενός δυστοπικού κόσμου, μιας ανοίκειας πραγματικότητας. Χαρακτηριστικές απόψεις της Αθήνας (με τον Παρθενώνα, τον λόφο του Λυκαβηττού και την Ομόνοια να κυριαρχούν) και της Θεσσαλονίκης (με την παλιά παραλία της σε πρώτο πλάνο) συνδυάζονται με απόψεις του ερειπωμένου αστικού τοπίου της εγκαταλελειμμένης πλέον πρωτεύουσας της Συρίας” καταλήγει για τα έργα του εικαστικού Χριστοφιλογιάννη.

Feels like home-Omonoia, Photograph lambda on dibond, 150×111,5cm, 2017, copyright the artist

A journey to four continents and 37 countries is promised to the visitors to the 6th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art under its title Imagined Homes, through the works of 96 individual artists and groups participating in this year’s main exhibition and performance festival.  One month prior to the official opening of the main exhibition of the Biennale, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, the State Museum of Contemporary Art (SMCA), in its capacity as organising body, hereby announces the names of the participating artists who will present their works in four venues in Thessaloniki: at the SMCA’s site at Moni Lazariston, the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki at Warehouse B1, Thessaloniki port, in the premises of the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and at the Mount Athos Center.

The participating artists in the main exhibition are: Giorgos Alexandridis, Babis Alexiadis, Halil Altindere, Einat Amir, Arushee, Oreet  Ashery, Younes Baba-Ali, Dora Belegrinou, Natasa Biza, Eva Borner, Alkis Boutlis, Ascan Breuer, James Βridle, Myriam Chaieb, Bo Choy, Dionisis Christofilogiannis, Raffaella Crispino, Sophie Dubosc, Ahmet Elhan, Alessandra Eramo, Dimitris Fragakis, Alicia Framis, Alexander Glandien, Dylan Graham, Chaja  Hertog & Nir Nadler, Paolo Incarnato, Dzamil Kamanger & Kalle Hamm, Reysi Kamhi, Akis Karanos, Fotini Kariotaki, Norayr Kasper, Sharlene Khan, Peggy Kliafa, Gustav Klucis, Panos Kompis, Mikko Kuorinki, Sotiris Lioukras, El Lizzitzky, Andreas Lolis, Orly Maiberg, Kazimir Malevich, Panos Mattheou, Oleg Mavrommati & Boryana Rossa, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Vladimir Miladinović, Sherry Millner & Ernie Larsen, Marina Naprushkina, Kristian Nemeth, Pavlos Nikolakopoulos, Nefeli Papadimouli, Fotini Papahatzi, Eva Papamargariti, Kostas Pappas, Kosmas Pavlidis, Martha Rosler, Xenis Sachinis, Deniz Sağdıç, Mark Salvatus, Sermin Sherif, Walter Solon, Efi Spyrou, Tatiana Stadnichenko, Stefania Strouza, Constantinos Taliotis, Dimitris Tataris, The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland, Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou, Giorgos Tserionis, Andri Tsiouti – Michalis Charalambous – Giorgos Stylianou –  Stefanos Papadas, Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor, Ino Varvariti, Babis Venetopoulos, Loukas Venetoulias, Marian Wijnvoord, Arseny Zhilyaev.  The Thessaloniki Performance Festival, which will take place October 13 – 21, 2017, is organized by the State Museum of Contemporary Art and supported by the 52nd Dimitria Festival. It consists of a series of live performances by artists from Greece and abroad, as well as a special tribute to the artist Ana Mendieta (Cuba, 1948 – New York, 1985) who holds an emblematic position in the feminist history of art, which will run for the whole duration of the Biennale (SMCA, Moni Lazariston,30 September 2017 – 14 January 2018). The participating artists in the Thessaloniki Performance Festival are: Lanfranco Aceti, Maria Jose Arjona, Filippo Berta, Fuku Cosmonaut, Paraskevi Frasiola, group Geopoetics, Ana Mendieta, Efthimis Theou – Electra Angelopoulou, Julie Tolentino – Stosh Fila, VestAndPage.  The Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art is co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).